Jessica Bennett

Jessica Bennett Shoes

Jessica Bennett stands out among other brands by providing the sophistication and luxury of Italian design as a bridge-brand.

History of Jessica Bennett

The collection is crafted with the fashion-forward collaborations of Italian designer Rosella Favilla and the creative influences of American designer Kai Harrison to create patterns that set the trends. Focusing on details that make each shoe spectacular, the collection showcases a wide variety of patterns all with one common goal- to provide a feel-good factor for all who own and wear Jessica Bennett shoes.

The diversity of the line allows all of fashion’s most influential trends to be prevalent, yet completeness is formed with the overall feel of romantic feminism in every shoe. The unique styling of Jessica Bennett is left open to interpretation, allowing each woman to accentuate her individual style. The significance of Jessica Bennett has redefined women’s footwear, making shoes more than just an accessory.

Jessica Bennett shoes are designed in Italy and manufactured under the parent company Remac, LLP, one of the most experienced in the industry. Since its inception, the brand has received an immense response from fashion experts and consumers across the globe who appreciate the originality and affordability of the line. The collection is offered in expanded sizes and can be found in a variety of retail locations and boutiques all over the world.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Jessica Bennett brand offers to its customers.


Rayne Sandal


Nixie Ankle Boot


Norton Boot


Maura Two Piece Dress Sandal