Poetic License

Poetic License Shoes

Poetic Licence was founded in the year 2005 in London, England and behind the shoe brand is a group of girls who live for fashion.

History of Poetic License

This is reflected in their shoes which are designed with the hope to inspire other women to the same. Shoes design in vintage look and inspired by a love of the past, but with elements of the new and modern, give the shoes a unique look - just as Poetic Licence want you to feel when wearing there shoes.

Passion and a love for unique footwear are what drives Poetic Licence to push the fashion envelope. A distinctive style all to its own, Poetic Licence prides itself on providing fun, flashy footwear that's perfect for any occasion. Prepare to make a statement all your own with these fabulous styles.


Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Poetic License brand offers to its customers.


Curtain Call


Faithfully Yours


Famous Floral


Jasmine Jelly




Girl About Town


Sultry Sue


Sweet Splendor