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7 For All Mankind has been around since 2000. At first they made jeans for women, where the designers capitalized on a gap in the market. They designed low-cut jeans with a good fit in all the right places. From day one, 7 For All Mankind has been a massive success among celebrities and younger, fashion-conscious adults. The brand now makes a wide range of clothing including footwear for men and women.

History of 7 For All Mankind

The story of premium denim is one that is intricately intertwined with the launch of 7 For All Mankind LLC in Los Angeles, California in the Fall of 2000. 7 For All Mankind introduced premium denim to the world, marking Los Angeles, California as denims’ venerable center for research and development worldwide changing the landscape of denim forever.

Founded by Peter Koral of L’Koral Industries, 7 For All Mankind’s premium denim jeans literally exploded onto the scene, quickly earning critical acclaim for its amazing fits, fabrics, and finishes. Sales for the first year reached a staggering $13 million, an unheard of figure in the denim market, and have continued to show exponential growth. 7 For All Mankind is now sold in over 80 countries throughout the world. In the past six years 7 For All Mankind has become both an established modern classic for its sophisticated fits as well as a leading trendsetter for its newest fashion forward washes and designs.

The brand, famously dubbed “Sevens” by fashion editors and stylists, grew to fame in no small part because it was an instant favorite among Hollywood’s elite. 7 For All Mankind jeans continue to rank as a preferred jean among leading celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Cameron Diaz, Liv Tyler, Jennifer Garner and Heidi Klum.

In 2002, 7 For All Mankind expanded its line to include a complete Men’s Denim Collection that has been enjoying the same rapid growth as the women’s business and remains the fastest growing segment of sales for the brand. The company has also added women’s and men’s shirts and outerwear in fabrics such as corduroy, velvet, twill, and satin; women’s skirts and launched a Children’s Collection in the Fall of 2005. Adding to the breath of products is 7 For All Mankind’s accessories collection, which includes women’s and men’s handbags and footwear, that launched in the Fall of 2007.

The brand’s offerings continue to expand through innovative collaborations such as the creation of the 7 For All Mankind / The Great China Wall Collection in 2005. In the Fall of 2005, 7 For All Mankind teamed up with fashion designer Zac Posen for a limited edition capsule of jeans marrying Posen’s high-end couture fashion design to the premium denim world. Limited capsule collaborations continued into the Fall of 2006 with a partnership with Azzadeine Alaia for 7 For All Mankind. Exciting partnerships that push the envelope of design and creativity are now a signature part of the brand’s exploratory endeavors. 7 For All Mankind continues to merge the worlds of denim and couture to redefine the fashion landscape.

Founder and Chairman Peter Koral sold a 50% stake of the business in March 2005 to leading investment banking firm Bear, Stearns Merchant Banking to expand the brand’s global business. Mr. Koral retains a 50% stake in the company and maintains his title.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the 7 For All Mankind brand offers to its customers.


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