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Baffin Shoes

Located in Canada Baffin is one of the best footwear brands for extreme weather conditions. Their footwear is designed with extreme conditions in mind to give adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts safe and durable shoes for their activities. Founder Paul Hübner recognised the importance of durable outdoor footwear for his father, who worked with the local Inuit tribes to produce boots and other traditional footwear for Canadians. Baffin has an agreement with the Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, that helps people living in poor areas of Nepal to receive a good education, as well as helping with reforestation and health care.

History of Baffin

BAFFIN inc is a company with its roots in the footwear industry that go back to 1911. Over 85 years of experience goes into every pair of Baffins - boots crafted to provide the ultimate experience in warmth and comfort.

Baffin is a world leader in boot research. Baffin innovative use of technology allows Baffin boots to stand up to the most extreme conditions. We've developed our own water-resistant leathers, discovered new thermal fabric linings, and introduced revolutionary tread patterns around the globe.

Located in the Canadian Arctic, Baffin Island combines pristine beauty with one of the harshest winter climates on the planet. Temperatures plunge below zero for all but three months of the year while ice and snow colour the wind-ravaged landscape.

Inspired by this unforgiving land, Baffin remains focused on innovative footwear technology and committed to excellence. Baffin believe that our customers should be outfitted in footwear that provides the ultimate in comfort, warmth and durability. Our inner boot, component and design technology are revolutionary steps in Cold Weather Footwear performance. As we move into the next century, Baffin Inc. will continue to develop leading edge products and innovative styling that set us apart.

Baffin are determined to fulfill our customers' changing needs and to put performance and value on the feet of everyone wearing a pair of Baffins. Baffin consider customer and supplier relationships to be our most valuable asset.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Baffin brand offers to its customers.


Cush Booty