Ecco Shoes

The grass is always greener on the other side of the hill. At ECCO we want to make it greener on our side.

History of Ecco

We know that we are not going to rescue the entire world, but we do want to play our part in making it a bit better - to the benefit of our employees, customers and the local communities surrounding our production units.

An ECCO shoe is made to fit the foot not the other way around. This is the philosophy behind ECCO. We believe that if one can imagine something one can create it. And that is why we constantly strive to imagine comfortable footwear of high quality in a timeless design, in order to create it.

That is our mission. Our mission and passion power our work. ECCO is a company run by passionate people. It is a deeply rooted passion for wellness, design, technology and functionality that not only becomes a way of working, but also a way of living. The world of ECCO is a world based on comfort and quality. And a world where time is less important, because we believe in timeless products that goes with the fashion of time.

The ECCO philosophy: A perfect fit - a simple idea. In 1963 Karl Toosbuy founded ECCO in rural Denmark. Not counting the employees of more than 3,000 shops worldwide ECCO today employs approximately 9,000 people around the world producing 12 million pairs of shoes every year. That makes ECCO the 7th largest shoe brand in the world. It is still owned by the Toosbuy family.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Ecco brand offers to its customers.


Adora Lace Boot


Sculptured Ankle Boot


Spin Boot


Nioki 55 MM High Cut Zip