Eastland Shoes

Since 1955, the men and women of Eastland Shoe Mfg. Corp. have proudly crafted American classic footwear reflective of our Maine heritage.

History of Eastland

Although styles change from season to season, our commitment to quality workmanship, fine materials, and durable design remains constant. Responsible manufacturing in our own Maine, USA factories allows us to carefully monitor the quality, comfort and fit of our shoes in safe, healthy, working environments.

Since the best way to assure a comfortable fit is to try on footwear before you buy it, we strongly recommend that you shop at one of our thousands of authorized Eastland retailers across the USA. We offer Eastland direct service to those of you who do not have an authorized Eastland retailer located near you, and to those of you whose local authorized retailer does not carry an extensive selection of our footwear.

Our green Eastland label assures you of outstanding value, up to date styling, and comfortable fit. We are Eastland – American classic footwear at its best. We hope you enjoy our shoes.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Eastland brand offers to its customers.


Belgrade 1955 Edition Collection


Double Up


Aztec 1955 Edition Collection