Earth Shoes

Earth has been in the shoe business since the early 1970's. Earth are a family owned and operated Company, with many of our associates feeling part of that family.

History of Earth

For many years, Earth designed and manufactured shoes for the most famous brands, and Earth take great pride in making superior footwear products.

Earth have a passion for healthy living. A few years ago Earth found a way to share that passion by making the famous Earth shoes available once again. As soon as Earth was re-launched, Earth received many thanks from people who had been searching for Earth all over the world. Earth are not kidding or exaggerating. Earth actually have received thousands of messages from Earth wearers telling Earth how thrill ed they are to see them back. That degree of loyalty can only be found in a product one can trust.

Earth are a very socially and environmentally responsible company, and manufacture shoes in many countries throughout the world. Earth have been manufacturing in China for the past ten years, because this allows Earth to be competitive with the rest of the shoe industry, and to provide you with the very best value. Family members and executives go there frequently to watch operations and working conditions. Earth Company operates with the highest standards. Earth are proud to say we have been a factor in changing the workers way of life. The factory and offices are up to par with many US plants, and our workers enjoy a lifestyle above Asian standards. In short, Earth and other US companies operating in China's special industrial zones, have created a new life for Chinese workers. Earth are pushing the envelope and raising the bar, fighting for better living and better environment. Earth have and will continue to influence changes to improve people's quality of life everywhere on Earth.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Earth brand offers to its customers.