Duck Head

Duck Head Shoes

In 1865, George and Joe O’Bryan created men’s trousers made from a cotton tent material called "duck."

History of Duck Head

The two brothers designed pants to "stand up to the toughest jobs and the toughest times." Duck Head® not only stood up to the toughest of tasks – it stood the test of time.

Folks have always felt comfortable in its laid-back combination of durability, relaxation and refinement. Duck Head® is what we were wearing during the best times of our lives: at Sunday picnics and at football games, at backyard barbecues and on spring breaks.

Although it was not intended as a clothing material, duck proved to make work pants and overalls. These early khakis also made a success of the O’Bryan Brothers Manufacturing Company and created a Southern clothing staple. In 1892 the brothers tried to trademark the name “duck,” but were turned down by the Trademark and Registration Office in Washington because the term was in general usage.

Told that “duck head” was available, the O’Bryan brothers registered the term, which naturally led to the head of a mallard duck becoming the lasting symbol of their products. Duck Head products continued to be manufactured in the 20th century by O’Bryan Brothers, although during World War II the business turned its exclusive attention to making military uniforms. Following the war the company latched onto the popularity of country music, a natural connection given its Nashville location, and with such stars as Hank Williams sporting Duck Heads, the product line gained even greater regional appeal.

During the 1980s, Duck Heads were all but the official uniform of the Southern college fraternity brother. By 1989 Delta Woodside decided to buy the Duck Head brand and attempt to roll it out on a national basis.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Duck Head brand offers to its customers.




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