Dunham Shoes

In a move combining the strengths of New England's top shoe manufacturer and bootmaker, New Balance Athletic Shoes, Inc. acquired the Dunham shoe brand in 1998.

History of Dunham

As part of the New Balance family, Dunham has continued manufacturing quality crafted boots and casual wear inspired by the outdoors. Dunham Fits. And now more than ever. This relationship has empowered New Balance to offer its tried and true technologies and commitment to width sizing in a full line of performance boots and casual wear under the Dunham brand, without compromising Dunham's rich heritage as a forerunner in the industry. Thanks to an enduring commitment to quality craftsmanship, Dunham will continue manufacturing performance footwear wrought in a tradition of excellence for over 100 years.

DUNHAM’S ROOTS go back over a century to Brattleboro, Vermont where in 1885 George and Charles Dunham first opened the "Dunham Brothers" shoe store to sell their hand crafted boots. This was a time when pioneers lived to explore and challenge the outdoors. Serving the needs of those pioneers is what inspired the Dunham Brothers to create Dunham Bootmakers.

In 1998, New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. acquired the Dunham Bootmakers brand. The same commitment the Dunham Brothers dedicated to making shoes for people who live, work and play outdoors continues to guide our brand today. As a New Balance Performance brand, Dunham features the latest technologies and ongoing innovations.

And, now more than ever, Dunham fits. We make boots and shoes that are lightweight, comfortable and inspired by the world outside. And with an extensive range of sizes and widths, we literally fit better too. Dunham has always felt that boots and shoes that fit better will perform better. We are so driven by that belief that some of our boots and shoes are available in as many as 87 size/width combinations. Dunham is as passionate about fit, as we are about the outdoors. And that's saying something.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Dunham brand offers to its customers.


MCR6630G Boot




Battery Park


410 Waterproof