Donald J Pliner

Donald J Pliner Shoes

Donald J Pliner of Florida, Inc. is a progressive company committed to trends, fashion, quality, and especially the comfort in all of our products including footwear for men and women, leatherwear for men and women, handbags, belts, eyewear, hosiery, and body wear.

History of Donald J Pliner

Donald J Pliner accessories are manufactured in Italy and Spain with state-of-the-art quality control. Top priorities are comfort and customer service, both in Donald J Pliner stores and within the company as a whole.

Donald J Pliner cater to the finest department and independent stores in the country, and have also expanded internationally. Donald J Pliner stores offer a unique, theatre effect with influences from Africa, Sante Fe, and Morocco.

The decor illuminates both the personality of Donald Pliner and his designs. Currently, Donald J Pliner have concept stores in Beverly Hills, Chicago, Coral Gables, Houston, and San Jose. There are plans to open in Las Vegas and New York. Donald J Pliner continues to develop retail business in select, elite locations throughout the world.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Donald J Pliner brand offers to its customers.