Crocs Shoes

Hop on a boat, stroll on the beach, or walk to a meeting, CROCS brand shoes are the most comfortable and versatile shoes you'll ever own. CROCS brand shoes are a new breed of shoe that mixes the comfort of clogs with a space age material that has incredible benefits.

History of Crocs

The special Patented Closed Cell Resin (PCCR) warms and softens with your body heat and molds to your feet. The European styling of the orthotic heel, built-in arch support, and tarsal bar position your feet for ultimate foot comfort and health.

Because the resin is closed cell, it is anti-microbial in nature. This means that it is resistant to the bacteria and fungus that cause shoe and foot odor. Smelly shoes are a thing of the past! With the heel strap in place, CROCS brand shoes are a perfect shoe for boating, diving, water sports and beach wear. Unlike sandals, CROCS brand shoes cover and protect your feet yet provide proper ventilation. Air, sand, and water easily pass through the vents.

Another benefit of the resin is that it has a very high co-efficient of friction. This fact makes CROCS brand shoes incredibly slip-resistant and they will not mark floors or boat decks. If you wear them in or around the water, you'll notice that they even float! If you get them dirty, just hose them off. You can even sterilize them in one part chlorine and ten parts water! Restore their original luster by applying a rubber cleaner such as Armour All.

CROCS brand shoes are ideal for people who are on their feet all day and need the safety of anti-slip shoes. Health care and food service professionals, boaters, hair stylists, sales reps, vacationers, and people who like comfortable shoes all love their CROCS brand shoes. Try a pair in any color and we bet you'll be hooked!

The popular Beach ™ model was the first shoe introduced under the Crocs brand Footwear label and has been a major part of the footwear industry's evolution towards comfort. It's made from a patented closed-cell resin, not hot and uncomfortable plastic or rubber. It features an orthotic foot bed, multiple ventilation ports, a slip-resistant sole, and weighs only ounces! Stand on your feet all day without pain! The functionality and price make it a great choice for people who love comfortable shoes. They come in six sizes and twelve colors that make them a fun fashion statement for young and old alike, with or without socks. You'll need a couple of pairs to match every outfit!

The Highland ™ model was introduced with people who have to deal with inclement weather in mind! While ventilation ports are great in the sun, surf and sand, those who live in cold climates need to keep the snow and water out! This model is the perfect answer. It has the same features as the Beach ™ model but will keep your feet dry because there are no holes. Kick off those uncomfortable ski and snow boots and slip into pure, light, slip-resistant comfort. They are also great for professionals who must wear shoes without ports in them, such as in the health care and food service industries.

For those women who just have to have their toes in the sun, Crocs brand footwear proudly introduces our first open-toe slide called the Nile ™. This shoe features the same space age, lightweight material as our other shoes and is a fashionable addition to any beach, boat, pool or warm weather locale. The Nile ™ is unlike most slides because we've added our customary heel strap that keeps the shoe right where it belongs, on your foot! They come in three sizes and four colors and, like all Crocs ™ Footwear, are very comfortable.

The idea behind the Cayman ™ model is to take a great thing and make it even better! The Cayman ™ is the next generation of shoe provided by Crocs ™ Footwear. Crocs listened to there customers who love our Beach ™ model but wanted more. They wanted full sizes, a foot bed that accommodates narrow feet, and shoes that would fit KIDS! In response, we traveled to Italy to have our new molds hand made by craftsman famous for comfortable shoes. The fruit of our labor is now available in the Cayman ™ model. It comes in full sizes from men's one through thirteen and is available in nine colors. The size one can fit a six-year-old! The shoe has a sleek and more slender look and its accurate sizing make it the most comfortable shoe we've ever produced.

The Metro ™ model is a hybrid between the improvements of the Cayman ™ and the functionality of the Highland ™. The shoe was designed to prevent spillage from getting the top of the foot wet by eliminating the holes on top of the shoe. However, we kept the ventilation ports around the sides and put a rib around those ports to wick fluids away from the foot. The result is a great looking shoe that can be worn stylishly with slacks in the office, on a boat with shorts, or on the operating room floor with scrubs! Our most versatile shoe has the same form fitting foot bed as the Cayman ™ and comes in men's sizes three through thirteen and is available in seven colors. For all our customers who have been asking for a more formal looking shoe, the Metro ™ is the answer!

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Crocs brand offers to its customers.


Crocband Clog


Sexi Aliana Sandal


Cobbler Clog


Crocband Slingback Clog


Sexi Flip Graphic


Adrina Flat


A-Leigh Flip-Flop


Really Sexi Sandal