Camper Shoes

The brand Camper was founded in 1975 in Spain, where the company's history goes back much longer. 1877 Fluxa Antonio opened the first Spanish company with an automated production footwear facility. Later, his son took over the responsibility for the production of modern shoes.

History of Camper

Camper produces footwear concepts based on freedom, comfort and creativity, while keeping its taste and enthusiasm for this small object, always in pairs, that connects us to the ground. They got their start in the 19th century from a family of Spanish craftsmen who pioneered spirit, love, quality and honor in their shoemaking business. Camper shoes are more than just something to wear on your feet – original, stylish and playful, they have an international appeal that transcends all borders.

Communication has been one of Camper's fundamental pillars since its founding, but not a communication solely for sales purposes, but rather communication with a message, which has evolved from irony to reflection.

In 1975, after having opted for Camper ("peasant" in Catalan) as the name for his new brand, Lorenzo Fluxá, along with Carlos Rolando and Joaquín Lorente —Camper's first collaborators—began to think about how to consolidate this name and how to transmit all of the ideas that the
name suggested to them. This is how the original logo (with black type) and advertising campaign arose, as well as the first displays that decorated the multi-brand stores where their shoes were beginning to be distributed.

In 1981, coinciding with the opening of its first store in Barcelona, the Camper logo underwent a modification, because of the need to use it in a way that had not been contemplated until then: the building façade. The logo needed to be placed in the entrance of the store without losing intensity, so a red background was chosen and the text was changed to white.

But this date did not only mark the change in the logo, it was also the beginning of Camper's true graphic history. The opening of its own stores obliged it to develop all kinds of graphic material to provide support for these new spaces and to transmit the message, both inside and outside the store. Bags, boxes, posters, displays, advertisements, catalogues... all became a part of the brand's universe.

Taking a tour of Camper's graphic history from the 80's to the 90's is to take a journey through the brand's history, its growth, and its internationalization. But it is also a trip through a history of irony, humour, and imagination.

In the year 2000, Camper changed from communication strictly about the product, as it had done until then, to communication of the brand image. There were two reasons for this change: Camper was already a referent known to the consumer, who automatically associated it with its product, and on the other hand, Camper was seeking to add culture to the product and to humanize its message. This change has brought about communication whose message is the Mediterranean, Camper's roots. Other supports were added to the list, sometimes determined by the evolution of the world itself (the web site), and other times determined by the creativity of the company (magalog —magazine-catalogue—, travelogue —short film—, etc.)

Over all of these years, Camper has been extremely careful with the graphic presentation of its concepts. And it has done this with a very open mind, and because of this over forty artists and designers have participated in its projects. Among them, special mention goes to the Memphis team, Joaquín Lorente, Carlos Rolando, Martí Guixé, Sybilla, Frabrizzio Plessi, Javier Mariscal, Neville Brody, Peret, Lluís Bassat, Jordi Bigas, Pep Duran, Pep Carrió, David Ruiz, David Cantolla, Simoneta Spada, Jordi Fernández, Mario Ollé, Carlos Goyarrola, Montse Guillén, Pati Núñez, Loles Duran, Oscar Mariné, Carlos Mas, Carlos Canella, Rafael Vargas, Santiago B. Olmo, Pepe Vila-San Juan, Richard Vade, Fernando Fuentes, Eduardo Bellini, Antoni Marí, Andy Lendford, Miguel Czernikowski, Shubhanka Ray …

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Camper brand offers to its customers.