Caterpillar Footwear

Caterpillar Footwear

Caterpillar machinery has shaped the world's landscape for the last 100 years. This heritage of strength and hard work inspires CAT Footwear to market industrial and casual footwear that is rugged and durable enough to carry the Caterpillar name.

History of Caterpillar Footwear

The brand appeals to those seeking an honest brand with working class values - from builders to bartenders, students to steelworkers. Whether developing new technologies, introducing new product or updating iconic styles; we are always striving to stay in tune with our customer's need for durable, comfortable footwear that looks good and goes everywhere.

CAT shoes and boots fit today's active lifestyle performing both on the jobsite and off. With a wide range of durable and stylish footwear, Caterpillar offers many options from which to choose. Caterpillar boots and shoes work as hard as you do, and are still in top form at day's end.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Caterpillar brand offers to its customers.


Active Alaska Honey






Hillside Terra