Carlos by Carlos Santana

Carlos by Carlos Santana Shoes

Launched in 2001, the Carlos by Carlos Santana brand offers women more than fashion in their footwear.

History of Carlos by Carlos Santana

Inspired by the artistry and passion of Santana's soulful rhythms and cool vibe, 'Carlos' delivers unique interpretations of the season's latest styles with embellishments, colours and textures that make them distinctively 'Carlos'. Women look to 'Carlos' for shoes that express their style, confidence and set them apart from the crowd. Carlos recognizes their spirit and vibrancy and is committed to consistently delight them with the distinct fashion footwear they crave.

Carlos by Carlos Santana are hip, hot fashionable shoes inspired by the passion and energy that surround Santana's music.

Carlos footwear is designed for women who demand fashion and love shoes. We bring the latest trends in materials, colors, shapes and detailing with a hip Carlos point-of-view that appeals to 'fashionistas' - who want shoes that will 'make' an outfit - not 'match' it.

A portion of the Santana's proceeds from the sales of Carlos shoes is donated to the Milagro (miracle) Foundation. Founded by Deborah and Carlos in 1998, Milagro is a charitable organization that makes grants to community based organizations around the world working with children in the areas of the arts, education and health.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Carlos by Carlos Santana brand offers to its customers.