Birkenstock Shoes

Birkenstock Shoes

Birkenstock has both quality and tradition. This brand has since the beginning been synonymous with high quality and comfortable shoes. The solid, German shoe brand started as far back as 1774 when a man named Johann Adam Birkenstock, started his shoemaking business in the local church.

History of Birkenstock

In 1964, the first prototype of the classic sandal with cork soles was produced. This model has been the trademark of Birkenstock ever since. In addition, Birkenstock shoes are both fashionable and stylish, they have also been well received and loved by hospital personnel and physicians worldwide. For those who have to stand or walk a lot, they have a separate line which guarantees safety, comfort and perfection. Birkenstock provides happy feet no matter what they are put through!

Birkenstock stands for classic and durable footwear with attention to detail. Birkenstock footwear with the promise of "Made in Germany" are known worldwide for excellent quality. The first priority for Birkenstock is the health of the foot. With its high standards of quality and environmental friendliness, Birkenstock has become an internationally operating, very successful company that is faithful to its production site in Germany.

Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc., also known as Birkenstock USA, began over 30 years ago when our founder and president, Margot Fraser, had a dream of sharing the comfort and health benefits of Birkenstock footwear. A few years earlier, while visiting a German resort, she had tried on her first pair and was extremely impressed at how good they felt. From there, Margot learned that the original Birkenstock contoured footbed was invented and manufactured in Germany by Konrad Birkenstock in 1897. In fact, the Birkenstock family has been shoemakers for over 225 years – more than two centuries of creating and perfecting a tradition of walking comfort.

In 1966, Margot began importing Birkenstock footwear from Germany in small amounts and thus Birkenstock USA was born. The business grew every year and thousands of satisfied customers asked for more styles so they could wear their Birkenstock shoes in more places.

Today, Birkenstock Footprint Sandals, Inc., has enjoyed enormous success and continues to grow with over 400 different styles of sandals and shoes. With the corporate offices and distribution center located in Novato, California, our philosophy of providing comfortable and healthy footwear carries over to our company environment.

The Birkenstock family of Bad Honnef, Germany have been caring for feet since 1774. During the last decade of the 19th Century, Konrad Birkenstock designed the first flexible arch support that mirrored the shape of the foot. In 1965, Karl Birkenstock took his family's footbed concept a step further by introducing it as a sandal to the German market. Today Birkenstock come in over 100 different styles, colours and textures. Birkenstock offers comfortable quality footwear in a wide and ever expanding array of styles and prices.

You are guaranteed to find a wide selection of delicious, good-looking shoes from Birkenstock. You can pick and choose comfortable, stylish sandals for use indoors or outdoors, as well as countless models in many different colours, suitable for all environments.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Birkenstock brand offers to its customers.


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