Ben Sherman Shoes

Ben Sherman Shoes

Ben Sherman is an British manufacturer of fashion wear, which was launched way back in 1963. The first range of menswear from Ben Sherman was inspired by the mod rock environment in London during the 1960s, and the range was a great success among trendsetters and youth cultures in Britain during the 60s and 70s.

History of Ben Sherman

Ben Sherman was founded by Arthur Benjamin Sugarman, who had married into an American family with great success in the fashion industry in the United States. He focused his ambitious back to England in the early 60s with a plan to produce high-quality fashion apparel. Therefore, the first range of shirts from Ben Sherman guaranteed high quality as well as a unique design, which has characterized the brand's range of men's clothing ever since.

In the 70s, Ben Sherman became a popular brand in subcultures such as punk and rock environments, but the modern version of Ben Sherman has a more mainstream fanbase. Therefore menswear from Ben Sherman today is popular with fashion lovers and trendsetters all over the world who love Ben Sherman unique and fashionable look.

Ben Sherman is famous for providing clothing, footwear and accessories rich in quality, heritage and innovation to a worldwide audience. From humble beginnings as an English shirtmaker, the 60's mod scene made Ben Sherman the name in fashion. Uniquely British with an international fanbase, Ben Sherman sets the pace for the fashion scene across the globe. Ben Sherman's line of footwear is enriched by design twists inspired by fresh and existing seasonal themes.

Ben Sherman dominates the men's branded apparel market being the 4th largest casual wear brand in the UK. The company has grown from a fledgling shirt manufacturer to a worldwide men's fashion brand and has introduced womenswear, youthwear, childrenswear and shoes-british soles. This phenomenal company's product offer is enhanced by belts, bags, sunglasses, underwear and leatherwear produced under license by top specialists. Ben Sherman's marketing strategy, playing on the heritage of the brand, makes it the new cool apparel company. Super groups such as Brit-pop Blur and Oasis, as well as MTV host Carson Daly, Fatboy Slim, Superstar Moby, Bare Naked Ladies, Incubus and many other musicians and celebrities are avid Ben Sherman followers. Needless to say, you will never blend in with a pair of Ben Sherman shoes!

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Ben Sherman brand offers to its customers.




Cleg Dessert Orange




Grao Lace Up Lime