Bass Shoes

Founded in 1876 by M.Bass, GH Bass & Co is a footwear brand that comes straight from the other side of the Atlantic.

History of Bass

In 1900 they made US Army boots, then created their first pair of moccasins that became the star of the shoe brand. Over the decades, the collections have extended to female and now children's models. The quality of materials used make Bass shoes are super high and has helped to rank the company among the best sellers in the United States. The style of the brand is basic-chic.

Comfort and quality rooted in tradition, Bass shoes combine their timeless classic styles with great new designs, always emphasizing the finest quality materials resulting in matchless comfort.

Seek out the sun and search for that next horizon, in Bass shoes. Known for fun, simple looks that remind you not to take life so seriously, shoes from Bass reflect today's modern dress/casual lifestyle. Founded in 1876, G.H. Bass and Company has long been known for footwear which combines comfort and quality with durability. Let Bass help you take the guesswork out of looking great.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Bass brand offers to its customers.