Apepazza Shoes

Founded in 1982 by Adriana Bagante, Apepazza symbolizes Italy beauty in all their designs. Ultra-feminine, pure elegance and finesse is characterised in every pair of shoes they make. From classic but chic ballerinas to high-heeled sandals with glitter, their range of footwear always follow the latest trends.

History of Apepazza

Founded in 1982 at Padova, Italy; Apepazza combines international influences with an acute attention to detail which result in fantastic groundbreaking looks. Famous for their use of unusual materials and unique fabrications, Apepazza has become known as a true fashion innovator. It's their "without-abandon" approach to shoe design which justifies the name; Apepazza, or "crazy bee" in Italian.

Apepazza means “crazy bee” in Italian. In Italy, apepazza shoes means Adriana Bagante, one of Italy’s foremost shoe designers and the brains behind the “bee.”

Apepazza has been dazzling the fashion world with its unique collections combining old world craftsmanship, exquisite materials and cutting-edge style. It takes over 200 artisans alone to handcraft the detailing found on each and every pair of apepazza shoes.

“Each shoe is a labor of love,” says Adriana, the daughter to two of Italy’s top fashion designers, Ruggero (Ruggi) and Luciana Bagante. Adriana was born to design shoes. “I was born in my parents’ shoe store [Moda Ruggi in Padova, Italy],” says Adriana with a laugh. “Literally, no kidding.” It is here where she developed her intense passion for fashion and design and her deep respect for craftsmanship and detail.

During her childhood, Adriana eagerly assisted both her parents – intently learning every aspect of the business they so loved and nurtured. By the time Adriana was 18 (and before graduating from the famed Stra Academy), the most respected and talented designers in Italy were visiting her parents’ shop for Adriana’s opinion of their latest collections.

From her mom and pop’s shop to apepazza, Adriana has maintained her passion for her work. And it shows. Today, apepazza is showcased in over 1,200 chic European shops and featured in independent fashion boutiques and exclusive department stores throughout the United States.

Quality craftsmanship and exquisite detailing are what sets apepazza apart from the crowd; a refreshing idea In a world of disposable fashion, where Adriana has carved her niche for shoe design that endures, yet is as individual as the woman who wears it.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Apepazza brand offers to its customers.


Apepazza Rosalie T-Strap Sandal


Apepazza Luce Ankle-Strap Sandal


Apepazza Leila Bootie


Apepazza Procida Wedge Sandal