Aerosoles Shoes

Aerosoles is an American brand with more than 20 years experience in the design of shoes, boots and sandals. The US brand prides itself on delivering: comfort, style, quality and value. Aerosoles can be found in leading fashion stores in more than 15 countries, including Spain, Britain, Canada and Portugal.

History of Aerosoles

The 1st range landed in 1987, and since then Aerosoles has captivated style and quality-conscious women with fashion shoes, sandals and boots, that provide a good and flexibility fix. In addition, the design team at the US brand possess the ability to merge new trends with the brand's distinctive look, and the result are fashion shoes made in an elegant style with delicate details.

Founded in 1987, Aerosoles was created on the principle that women do not have to sacrifice comfort for style or style for comfort. Paying attention to the finest details, Aerosoles employs the softest leathers in combination with impact-absorbing, flexible soles. They are able to address the needs of every woman and focus on always making shoes stylish and flexible. Aerosoles shoes are designed with a diverse portfolio of product knowledge, experience, and creativity.

Aerosoles shoes have a special diamond pattern on the bottom of the sole, which adds to the flexibility, but also absorbs impact and disperses it evenly across the foot. All Aerosoles shoes incorporate "memory foam", which molds to the foot the first time you wear it and then bounces back every time instead of going flat. The bottoms are lightweight and flexible. They use the softest leathers available from all over the world.

Aerosoles leather is so soft and supple that it molds to the foot like a glove. And while manufacturers merely paint color on top of their leather, they beat the dye into the leathers using a special tumbling process. This gives every shoe wonderfully even and long lasting color, while helping it breath like no other. Using a variety of fabrics that stretch and synthetics that are breathable and lightweight, each style hugs your foot, molds to your foot, and bends with your foot...

Aerosoles shoes are currently sold in hundreds retail stores, through the Aerosoles catalog, and in thousands of department and specialty stores around the world. Aerosoles offer a vast assortment of women’s shoes to suit every occasion, from office wear to weekend gear and everything in between.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Aerosoles brand offers to its customers.


Aerosoles Navy Base Brown Croco


Aerosoles Cinchuation Tan Croco Printed Faux Leather


Aerosoles Bectify Brown Suede Faux Snake Combo


Aerosoles Cinco De Mayo Black Leather


Aerosoles A2 by Aerosoles Barista


Aerosoles Tor Guide


Aerosoles Bogota


Aerosoles Plush Pillow