Adio Shoes

Adio Shoes

Adio shoes are made to the highest standards for extreme sports enthusiasts. Adio footwear was founded in 1998 with the goal to unite all skaters in the world by making quality footwear, designed by skaters. Even now after 10 years, Adio still one of the industry's leading manufacturers of high quality skateboard footwear.

History of Adio

Designed, endorsed, and worn by some of the best professional skaters, Adio is a brand that knows their product well. Always on the cutting edge of technology, Adio creates footwear that is up to date in the skating world. The technical features and cool signature style make Adio one of the top skate shoe brands. Adio footwear is designed, endorsed, tested and proudly worn by pro skaters like the legendary Tony Hawk, Bam Margera, Kenny Anderson, Jeremy Wray, and many more. Adio skate shoes are the perfect combination of technical features and cool signature style that you need.

Adio sees itself as X-sports-oriented company and has its own professional teams in Snow, Skate and Surf. The skate team is comprised of professionals and amateurs. Skate shoes from Adio serve the classical style. There are Pro models and team models and a nice shoe collection for girls. Slippers for the surfers are of course also in the program by Adio. Adio manufactures skateboards and board sport-related footwear, and clothing and accessories complete the range. The shoes production uses board-related products and additionally designer sneakers and sandals. Check out all of the cool signature pro skate shoes from Adio, available at specialty skate retailers.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Adio brand offers to its customers.


Adio Sydney Suede Royal Black


Adio Sydney Stitch Canvas Black Orange


Adio Release Black Monogram Charcoal


Adio Smith Canvas Black Red