adidas Shoes

Adidas, a cult brand with the perfect design mix of lifestyle and sports. Now 60 years old, the brand offers a wide selection of women's and men's shoe models that have distinguished themselves through cutting-edge shoe technology while remaining true to the roots of the company.

Core of the brand is still the shoe manufacturing, including sporting aspect. Hardly any other brand manages the balancing act between traditional elements and modern shoe technology as brilliant as Adidas. So it is not by chance that their brand of sports shoes are leaders in innovation and design.

History of adidas

Founded in 1920, Adidas had three simple goals in mind when creating a shoe. To produce the best shoe to serve the needs of the athlete, to protect the athlete from injury, and to make the product durable. Still keeping that in mind, Adidas has grown into a world wide footwear company that serves some of the best athletes in top competition. Always innovative, dedicated to the ideal that shoes should always work with the foot, Adidas’ philosophy is to help the athlete achieve the highest performance level. From classic footwear with authentic, enduring style to the cutting edge of modern sports performance, Adidas leads the way with superior design and innovative technology. From the simplest sandals to the most complex technical running shoes, Adidas are always the right choice for comfort, fit, style, and performance.

Adidas is famous for its three stripes signature found on its range of footwear and clothing. The brand was first established by German Adi Dassler in a small village in Bavaria in the 1940s, and has grown to be one of the biggest and much loved brands on the planet. Quality and innovation have been at the forefront from the start with a genuine passion for sports and fitness activities. Adidas offers sporty products with a long tradition of good quality and a strong identity.

Shoes from Adidas come in a wide range that are comfortable and stylish. You can not go wrong with a pair of new, shiny sneakers or running shoes from Adidas. Why not try a pair of sneakers from the Superstar range, with their flat and robust soles. If you enjoy running take a look at the Ultra Boost range, a flexible model that offers both comfort and solid cushioning. If you play football, take a look at the MESSI 15.1, to get your juices flowing. If you are just looking for a pair of comfortable everyday shoes check out the range of no-nonsense Los Angeles footwear.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the adidas brand offers to its customers.


adidas Originals Adi Court Super Low


adidas Originals Adi Navvy Boot


adidas Performance Adifaito K


adidas Performance Adipure Motion M