ZDAR Boots

ZDAR Boots

For centuries, handmade felt shoes, the so called Valenki, covered the elite feet of the Russian empire Felt Boots were very expensive in the 19th century, and the average family could afford only one pair, so they would often be worn in shifts.

History of ZDAR Boots

In a museum in Moscow, a nostalgic photo of soldiers in felt boots at the front exploits the legend that valenki boots helped Russians prevail in the Napoleonic wars as well as World war II as western European leather boots worn by the enemy were inadequate for the russian winter. Felt Boots are even said to have healing affect against flu and rheumatic disease.

The ZDAR Boot is a contemporary reinterpretation of this classic russian boot. It combines the unique natural attributes of wool with modern comfort. The quality of the raw material is of crucial importance this is why we are utilizing only top quality wool felt Made in Germany.

Our fels are highly compressed and elaborately processed to the highest quality standards. Our Felt is made on traditional machines and is naturally made of 100% wool. The unique attributes of wool combine breathability with water resistance, thus keeping your feet worm even in lowest temperatures.

The softly cushioned footbed is covered in natural leather and provides superior comfort. The rugged outer sole is reinforced with the layer of hamp fabric which also adds to the grip of the outsole.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the ZDAR Boots brand offers to its customers.




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