Rocket Dog

Rocket Dog Shoes

The Dog's DNA is derived from the original Rocket Dog Breeders: two footwear industry veterans with over 40 years combined experience in designing and marketing shoes for brands such as Candies, Esprit and Sam & Libby.

History of Rocket Dog

One of the original breeder's speedy dog, Max (known for running at high velocity), was the inspiration behind the name and the logo 'Rocket Dog'.

Ready to pursue a dream of making young-minded footwear and clothing, the original breeders' first attack with Rocket Dog was a cork-bottom/jute-upper sandal produced in southern California in 1997. The sandal debuted in San Francisco, South Beach and Los Angeles and was an instant success-- the Number One sandal of the season. Rocket Dog was officially launched! The breeders later reinvented the street/surf footwear business by redesigning the use of a compound called E.V.A. with an all-rubber sandal they named "Horny Corner," after a surf spot in Huntington Beach. The Horny Corner also saw enormous success and Rocket Dog became a "must have" for every young girl.

In January 1999, Rocket Dog joined forces with New York Transit, Inc., a well-known footwear distributor who owns proprietary brands Ann Marino and New York Transit and owns the footwear license for Bisou-Bisou and Max Studio. The move allowed Rocket Dog financial abilities to market and advertise the brand to its consumer.

The Rocket Dog consumer is an independent freethinker who shuns the polished look and materialism of the previous generation. She can be found donning an old flannel shirt, cruising the anti malls, thrift shops, and surfing the net for a good buy and a style as independent as she is. A symbol of individuality and freedom, Rocket Dog has become a top quality brand recognized by trendsetters and style conscious consumers around the world.

Based in Los Angeles, Rocket Dog is sold at leading U.S. department and specialty stores as well as in Britain, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Belgium, Holland/Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, South America and Venezuela. The collections include sandals, casual shoes, sneaks and boots and price points range from $20.00 - $100.00.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Rocket Dog brand offers to its customers.