DC Shoes

DC Shoes

DC Shoes is a sports brand that has a great reputation in the skateboarding shoe industry. From the extreme sports set up by Ken Block and Damon Way, DC Shoes is characterized by their perfect understanding of the demands and needs of athletes . DC Shoes - the cool shoe.

History of DC Shoes

The history of DC shoes, initially started with T-shirts. 22-year-old snowboarder Ken Block created printed T-shirts, which he drove under the name "Eightball." Driven by the desire to design and by the desire for perfection in this new passion, he left the University of San Marcos, California.

A few years Ken Block met his skateboard classmates Damon Way. Damon Way, and his brother were directly excited by the business idea. Ken Block parents borrowed money to the men and the DC Shoe Company began. The annual turnover of Eightball was approximately 1.5 million.

Since then, DC Shoes has created a new epoch in the skate shoe industry. The secret of the success of DC lies in the creativity of Ken Block and the incredible skateboard - skills of Danny Way (Damon Way) brother.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the DC Shoes brand offers to its customers.


Union Hi


Spartan Hi WC TX


Rebound Hi


Twilight SE