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Sugar Shoes Footwear

SUGAR has found sweet success among the fashionably young. Whether she is sweet, sassy or sporty, SUGAR offers a variety of unique and stylish accessories that are accessible to every tween and teen.

History of Sugar Shoes

Season to season SUGAR Shoes and SUGAR Cosmetics remains an avant-garde among teen brands, constantly creating new, novelly items that keep the line looking young and fresh. SUGAR's signature Flootie sandals became the ultimate accessory and still are a favorite today.

The Sugar Shoes collection features girly contemporary footwear for those that love a little whimsy. But what is fashion without beauty? In 2000 we were able to satisfy the sweet tooth of teens all over the world with the launch of Sugar Cosmetics, a super-sweet line of novelty make-up that debuted at department stores and specialty stores nationwide. Now SUGAR Cosmetics has grown from a small sugar-flavored lip gloss line into a complete line of novelty cosmetics, ranging from face, eyes and lips to body products and fragrance. With soles skyrocketing for both the footwear and cosmetics lines, clearly, SUGAR and spice equals everything nice!

The Sugar Girl... she's fun, fearless and more than a little flirty; the girl you want to hang with, the girl you want to be, the girl you are. A cool, fun, happy, outgoing chick who's into a lot of color, the Sugar shoes customer is definitely no wallflower.

26Red, the young men's sportswear line known for offbeat styling with an often retro feeling is the basis for the funky, whimsical design for the Sugar label. Following the success of 26Red clothing, 26RedSugar sportswear for juniors was spun off in Spring '96 as the 'gal pal' label to the young men's line. Originally, Sugar was heavily influenced by what was happening in the young men's market ­ edgy streetwear ­ but as the label took off, the vibe shifted from 'borrowed from my boyfriend' to 'Girls Only'. Sugar softened-up and went from a surf-and-skate shop brand to a boutique look for the fashion-oriented girl who wants trendy things with an edge. Sugar Shoes, launched in 1998 and captures the same girly style as the clothing line; the synergy between shoes and sportswear is essential in creating the 'Sugar look'; funky and fun-loving, seriously into not taking herself too seriously. Sugar Shoes are manufactured by RIM Manufacturing, based in Irvine, CA.

It starts with color ­ lots of it. Brights, pastels and funky electric shades make for happy feet in the Sugar world. Color is then overlaid with a 'boy meets girl' thing: feminine, girly uppers on chunky soles; a pretty sandal in what might be considered a masculine army green; cool athletic trainers designed to go with a pair of capri pants or a long skirt. Leather, suede and fabric are often mixed on uppers that pump up the dress code, while offbeat stripes and logo treatments, such as tinted plastic, or faux fur trim add flash to slip-ons, sandals and athletic-inspired shoes. And while most shoe labels focus on designing fabulous looking uppers, treating the outsoles as an afterthought, Sugar puts as much care into creating outsoles that are as stylish as what's on top. The buzz word is fun; fun colors, fun fabrics, fun details that test the limits.

Where do they get this stuff? The Sugar Shoes crew hits the road early and often ­ travel is the name of the game. Currently Tokyo and London are the major sources of inspiration, where the design team scopes out ideas that can be brought home and tweaked out, Sugar style. The only rule is that things have to move and move fast. Like the teenage pop star in search of her next hit, the Sugar girl is always on the lookout for the next big thing. And it's the job of Sugar Shoes to make sure that the next big thing ­ whatever it is ­ is ready and waiting for her.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Sugar Shoes brand offers to its customers.


Emerald Platform Sandal


Scrunchgami Ankle Boot


Halo Wool Plaid Wedge


Moragami Boot