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Traditions are kept but rules are broken. G-Star has always followed its own particular course in a well-established jeans market. Authentic details are the basis of G-Star jeans collections.

History of G-Star Raw

With its own distinctive strategy, G-Star is not only expanding in its home market of the Netherlands but also internationally. Strong jeans-oriented collections form the basis of the brand. Each season the collection is refreshed by adding new designs and the constant development of innovative washings. Traditional and unorthodox. Rough and stylish. Pure and functional. G-Star Raw Denim.

From the beginning in 1989, G-Star has made an all-out investment in product development and has defined its own signature style. With the revolutionary introduction of Raw Denim in 1996, G-Star clearly went in a new direction. The brand name was extended to G-Star Raw Denim, which led to the brand's international breakthrough. With a strong international team of designers, the collections changed radically. A grown-up, pure, and most of all, clean image was the result. The Raw Denim concept remains successful and is a core element of the range, being continually renewed and developed.

Innovation is G-Star's main feature. Not only within the collections, but also in the original marketing strategy and communications. Working from the head office in Amsterdam, an internal marketing and graphics team is responsible for determining and implementing the strategic and uniform communications around the G-Star concept.

The way G-Star is presented to the retail sector has always created a stir. From day one, G-Star has organized professional trade shows. This approach has ensured a strong position in the Benelux countries within a relatively short space of time.

Through international growth G-Star is currently established in 16 countries with 24 offices, including Scandinavia, UK, USA and Japan. The most important markets at this time are Germany, the Netherlands, UK, Italy and France. A definitive breakthrough into the American market appears evident this year. The G-Star store in Paris has for some years set the tone as far as the marketing concept goes.

Along with constantly increasing international expansion and continuous renewal in its product line, G-Star has built a reputation as a reliable and solid organization. This does not imply hyped-up brand philosophy. The G-Star product always takes centre stage. The brand basis and the requirements of the market are always in harmony with an innovative way of working. G-Star offers a well-balanced range of jeans in various designs, the right range of fittings and attractive washings. G-Star is available via specialized dealers. Products made for denim connoisseurs by denim connoisseurs.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the G-Star Raw brand offers to its customers.




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