Dunlop Shoes

Dunlop has been one of the most successful sports brands of the 20th Century, with more Grand Slam winners than any other and played by some of the greatest legends in sporting history.

History of Dunlop

With over 90 years as a leading sporting goods brand, champions such as Arnold Palmer, John McEnroe and Steffi Graf played Dunlop products to reach the pinnacle of their careers. Dunlop has a hugely international presence. Globally, Dunlop tennis balls, squash balls and squash rackets have the no.1 market share. The Dunlop Squash ball is the official ball of all the major Professional events and 42% of the top 50 players play Dunlop rackets.

The legendary Dunlop “65”golf ball reigned supreme for an unprecedented 50 years and won more competitions than any other ball in the hands of many golfing greats. Green Flash shoes were the standard in Tennis for decades and have now had a resurgence as a “retro” fashion icon.

A truly international sporting brand with a great heritage of sporting innovation and achievement, our brand has an impressive heritage on which to build and match our glorious past.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Dunlop brand offers to its customers.


1555 Lace Green Flash Trainer


1987 Cuff Tennis Shoe


1987 Panel Canvas Trainer


Alice Ballet