Blowfish Shoes

Blowfish Shoes

Blowfish is an American shoe brand, founded at the beginning of the new century. Today it is a worldwide brand, and sells shoes in over 30 different countries. The idea behind Blowfish was to create shoes, boots and sandals in unique designs that eluded the ordinary.

History of Blowfish

Every style of the brand has its own personality - just like the girls who wear them. The designers behind the brand believes that personal style is an expression of self-expression, and they combine various elements such as unique straps, buttons and special prints, so there are never two pairs alike. Blowfish produced shoes for every occasion made of local materials to keep the price down for the consumer. Blowfish is a short definition of fast fashion at affordable prices.

Blowfish is the new line of shoes from the designers of such famous brands as Rocket Dog, Esprit, Sam & Libby, Hippopotamus, Aerosoles, and David Aaron. All that tremendous industry experience gives Blowfish unmatched insight into today's hottest trends. They have already made a global mark in Europe and Australia, and women in the Americas are now catching on to the great look and feel of Blowfish.

For a spunky ballet flat, hip and casual boot, or leisurely athletic slip on, Blowfish is the place to look. You just can't go wrong with the combination of style and value that Blowfish offers.

Fresh designs from top designers: Blowfish shoes hope to conquer the world of shoe trends! The label offers distinctive details such as button applications, a special fabric processing, and colors that make each shoe unique.

Regardless of all other trends, the brand Blowfish always developed their own styles, creating ever new trends within the footwear industry. Young, fresh and motivated, we'll be seeing a lot more from this label!. Try them out and you'll be hooked.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Blowfish brand offers to its customers.




Jeno Rough Out


Lakota Strike


Wadden Whiskey Strike