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Bensimon Shoes

The Bensimon Brand arrived in France in the 80s thanks to a surplus of a military apparel than the Bensimon brothers used to fill their store with and became an incredible success from the very start. By giving shoes a new look with all the colours of the rainbow, these hugely comfortable and customizable tennis shoes became a timeless design that allows everyone to wear them regardless of their style. Today, tennis shoes from Bensimon have become a must for the fashion conscious and the range has also been expanded to clothing, handbags and accessories, all available in a range of bright colours with the true spirit freedom.

History of Bensimon

More than a style, Bensimon now represents a way of life. The clothes are sewn with a transparent thread. Such a subtle detail gives them a soul.

A large part of the collection is made of "essentials". They are simple and basic models that can be found season after season. They are always worked in a full range of colours and are discretely adapted to the spirit of the moment. The Bensimon style is colourful, bright and black is not allowed.

The Bensimon Tennis Shoes are supple, comfortable, light and each season we create new shades. Our pumps are very different from traditional trainers and very representative of the simple and authentic lifestyle Serge Bensimon wants to convey.
Thousands of women and teenage girls buy our tennis shoes and they have become an essential summer fashion accessory.

The collections stay loyal to their original military spirit. The clothes remain comfortable and strong. The fabrics are noble and the cuts are ageless.
The lines are pure, simple, neat and get more and more feminine with the years.

The Bensimon collections originally found their inspiration in military surplus and work-wear. The clothes were customised and Serge Bensimon's personal touch was added. They were dyed, their buttons and pockets were changed and they were sold as fashion items.
The concept was then broadened and a full collection was born, inspired by safari and military style and above all by comfort : jodhpur trousers, safari jackets, shorts and jumpers.

Nowadays, Bensimon works his clothes with colours and natural materials.

A wardrobe adapted to the new travellers : today in Paris, tomorrow in New-York or The Hamptons. Shopping in a capital city or walking in the desert, going to a party or swimming in the sea. Our collections bring you comfort and elegance.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Bensimon brand offers to its customers.


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