Just Sheepskin

Just Sheepskin Shoes

Sheepskin is unique for the incredible comfort and warmth it offers.The amazing thing about sheepskin is that it will keep your feet at body temperature.

History of Just Sheepskin

This means that you can wear our brand of sheepskin footwear in all climates ie: winter and summer. Therefore in winter, our sheepskin footwear will keep your feet warm even up to –32* C. And in summer, our sheepskin footwear will even keep your feet cool up to 25* C.

How should you wear our Sheepskin Footwear ?
We recommend that you wear our footwear barefoot to get the true sense of comfort and warmth that sheepskin offers.

We have used thick wool fleece in our footwear to ensure that you feel the unique comfort and warmth that sheepskin offers. This means that initially our footwear should feel snug – but not too tight.

However as you wear our footwear more and more, the wool will give a little and form to the natural shape of your feet. So believe it or not, the more you wear our sheepskin footwear the more comfortable they will become.

Below is a small selection of pictures showcasing the numerous different styles the Just Sheepskin brand offers to its customers.


Brompton Boots


Casablanca Boots


Tall Cheriton Boots


Harrington Boots